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Nylgut synthetic strings
NNG, NGE, NGH type

The development of a new synthetic material that can imitate the acoustical characteristics of gut but without the typical defects such as high cost, short string life, and severe instability to changes of climate, has always been a fundamental goal of Aquila's research. Nylgut is the result and is a perfect synthesis of the acoustical properties of Nylon and of PVF strings. Nylgut's formula is protected by U.S. and International patents.

Nylgut, distinguishable by its color, nearly the same as natural gut, has a specific density and acoustical qualities nearly identical to that of gut with a very high breaking point index of 310hz per meter. Nylgut is the first and only synthetic string that possesses the sonic qualities of the natural gut string.

Other strong points of Nylgut are its elevated resistance to wear under tension; greater than that of gut but even more important is its extraordinary immunity to changes of climate, considerably better than that of Nylon and thereby ensuring a superior stability of tuning under normal conditions.

Nylgut can be used for all plucked instruments. For example, Nylgut strings are particularly well suited for the 1st through 5th courses of the renaissance and d minor baroque lutes. Nylgut is also excellent for baroque guitars, and vihuelas.

Nylgut is also available in NGH series; natural, red, and black colors are available.  Lengths are 120cm and 180cm.


Nylgut is available in 180cm lengths. Type NGE. Specifically designed for the diapasons of archlutes, theorbos, and chitarroni, the distinguishing features of these new strings are their outstanding sonic performance, superior to plain gut, with excellent pitch stability in varying climate conditions and an exceedingly long life. Click the buttons below to order.

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