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Welcome to the AquilaUSA catalog of early music strings. With these pages we would like to present to you the range of Aquila gut and synthetic strings for historical performance. You can make your purchase directly from this website via the strings link.

On the basis of extensive experience in the field of ancient and modern gut processing techniques, Aquila Corde understands that only when we take inspiration from the long history of the great string makers of the past does it become possible to re-discover the magic of sound that only gut can offer.

The recent introduction of unsplit lamb gut strings by Aquila is the result of many years of extensive research into the methods of string production that were used historically in Italy.


Because the string making guilds were highly secretive, very little information about their methods was known to outsiders.This production method was used from the mid 16th century until the late 19th century, and is a primary reason that Italian gut strings were spoken so highly of in historical texts. The response of these strings is like no other gut string on the market today.


Aquila is also building a bridge into the future by the development of synthetic strings with totally innovative acoustic and technological properties.


The perfection of the Nylgut formula and it's manufacturing process has revolutionized the world of synthetic strings, allowing plucked instrument players to experience the magic that gut has to offer, with longer string life, and stable intonation between the climate changes that modern practitioners of historical performance routinely experience in their travels.

The future of music has always been anticipated through strings.



Vivi felice!

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Background: Rialto Bridge, 18th Century

Francesco Guardi

Public Domain

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