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'Venice' double twist roped
gut strings 'V' type


In 16th and 17th Century iconographical sources, some of the  strings on bowed musical instruments, in particular lower pitched strings, often appear rather curly. Exiting from the peg box over the nut, they look as though they were made of soft braided cord. This suggests that the strings were extremely elastic, which would obviously affect their acoustical performance.


On the contrary, modern twisted gut strings, because of their stiffness, can only be made up in circular coils, or they would be damaged. Starting from this important observation and supported by other historical information Aquila has created "VENICE" roped gut strings.


                   Technical specifications and field of application

V Type strings possess a degree of elasticity superior to any twisted strings. They provide a surprisingly ready attack and good richness in upper harmonics.


Available in a wide choice of diameters and 120cm or 180cm lengths, 'VENICE" strings are particularly suited for the mid registers of Renaissance and Baroque stringing; e.g. as 3rd for Violin; 2nd, possibly 3rd, for Viola and Cello; 3rd and 4th for Violas da Gamba; and Lute (Renaissance and Baroque tunings); 3rd and 4th for Violone, 2nd and 3rd for Double Bass, and so on.

When ordering Type V, please calculate 107% of the gauge you would use for HU strings to account for stretching in more than the HU string. If you aren't certain about what you need, please contact us. We are always happy to assist with stringing projects.

Order V type strings in the Viol or Violin family string categories. Please inquire about other gauges.

Background map: Pictorial Representation of the Illustrious City of Venice Dedicated to the Reign of the Most Serene Dominion of Venice. Public Domain

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