Shipping & Returns

Shipping Provider Information

USPS is our exclusive shipping provider. Due to recent policy changes, the shipping charges for 1st class packages have become stratified by weight and zone, and because all our packages require reinforcement, they are now considered 1st class parcels. This makes it very difficult when using the shipping template Wix provides, to come up with pricing that works well for all orders. We have structured the shipping charges to cover our costs. Any time a shipping charge generated by the website is substantially too high, we will refund the excess. We do not try to profit from shipping charges.

Note for International customers: The rates that are produced by Wix are often substantially too high. Please order with confidence that we will refund any excess shipping charges. We hope to be able to streamline this but for now this method is what we can do.

Shipping Information

All packages include USPS tracking information. You will receive a tracking number when your order is fulfilled.

Orders are generally sent the following day. If an item is out of stock I will notify you and give an estimate of shipping date.

Please note that we are only responsible for the fulfillment, packing, and shipping of your order. If you have concerns about the security of final delivery to your address, please contact us to modify your shipping service so that it will include signature confirmation.

I am also a professional musician and sometimes am working out of town. If so, there may be a small delay in sending your order. Your patience is always appreciated.

Return & Exchange Policy

Gut is a natural material and therefore one cannot expect completely uniform life expectancy.  Even though the string making process at Aquila Corde is the most exacting of any maker, it is a healthy approach to savor the truly amazing and  long lasting strings and not to be overly dismayed over strings that didn't last as long.


Any defects will become evident within the first 24-48 hours of installation. Please contact me immediately if there is a problem, and preferably send a photo of the string and what is going on with it. If a string is defective, it will be replaced immediately and at no charge. Your satisfaction with Aquila strings is our goal.

Please note that no matter what the Wix postage calculator shows for the shipping charges, which for international customers is usually far too high, we refund any excess shipping charge when we generate the shipping label.

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