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New Nylgut String, NNG

New Nylgut single string. 120cm length. Nylgut is suitable for all plucked instruments. It is not suitable for bowed instruments.

NNG strings are the color of natural gut, have the same density as gut (gauges are the same as gut) and possess acoustical qualities similar to natural gut. Nylgut is considered the first “synthetic” version of natural gut.
Other strong points of the NNG strings are excellent resistance under tension -greater than that of gut – but even more important is its extraordinary immunity to changes of climate, considerably better than nylon and gut, insuring stability of tuning under normal conditions.


New Nylgut String, NNG

  • Do not use the same gauge of Nylgut as Nylon, if you are converting from Nylon stringing. Please inquire if you not sure.

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