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F Red violin single e'' string,

Single violin e'' string, single length.

These strings tend to feel heavier in gauge than they actually are. Do not order them if you use lighter gauges in gut strings than what are listed.

Please note that we will only ship these to US addresses. If you are outside the US please order from

Medium gauge.64mm

Heavy gauge .68mm

The F-Red Series are the new synthetic strings for bowed instruments, developed by Aquila Corde Armoniche as an alternative to natural gut but not a substitute. They are intended for use in humid climates, an economical solution for students, or for players that wish to avoid using animal based strings.
Eco-sustainable, stable in intonation and durable.


  • to avoid damage, do not cut the strings; in case you want to shorten them, first spread some quick glue around the point where you want to cut;
  • once installed, before you start playing them, it’s important to apply some rosin on the portion of the string that will come into contact with the bow.

F Red violin single e'' string,

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