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double bass D string

High twist, half rectified gut string, made from unsplit lamb gut.

double bass D string

  • Half rectified high twist unsplit lamb gut, 180cm length.

    Aquila Corde uses a logical system of numbering gauges; they are the metric diameter, while leaving off the decimal point.

    For example, a 60 gut string is 0.60mm in diameter, within a tolerance of 0.01mm.

    For players who are currently using strings that use the numbering method used by Pirastro, Dlugolecki, and perhaps some other makers, multiply that gauge number by 5 to determine the metric gauge.

    Therefore, a 12 in their numbering system is a 60 in the metric system. (5x12=60)

    All gauges are calculated for baroque pitch of a'=415hz

    If you have any questions about this, please contact us.

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